About Me ... Duccio Tiracorrendo - Guided Tours of Florence

My name is Duccio Tiracorrendo, I am an archaeologist and a qualified tour private guide of Florence and its Province.

After the classical high school I spent five years at the University of Pisa, where I graduated in Classical Archaeology in 2006.

After graduating I continued my education, getting a Postgraduate Specialization diploma in Aegean Civilization at the same university.

During and after university I participated in numerous archaeological excavations, in Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy, dealing with the documentation of findings and the study of prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman and medieval contexts.

In 2011 I obtained a license to practice as an Official Tour Guide of Florence, passing a competition held by the Province of Florence. For several years I have been a member of the Associazione Nazionale Guide Turistiche and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association.

Along with my passion for antiquity and the great civilizations of the past I have cultivated that for my city, Florence, where I have the fortune to live and work every day.

Admiring Brunelleschi's dome from the hills, strolling along the banks of the Arno at sunset, lingering on Ponte Vecchio to watch the city are experiences I wish everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime.

If you want to share with me these interests, I will provide my skills and my passion so that your stay in Florence will remain engraved in your memory.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I hope to meet you soon!

WFTGA LTGA benvenuti in toscana QTG ANGT

Do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a personalized visit together according to your particular interests.

Tel. [+39] 328 2592378



Diane B

Duccio was a wonderful guide! He was very knowledgeable and pleasantly answered all our questions. I would highly recommend this nice gentleman.


Thanks Duccio for an interesting excursion

Fariba S

He gave us a tour on academia gallery. He was very patinante about what he was telling us and a real story teller. Enjoyed the tour and will definitely use this guide again!


Duccio led our 1/2 day tour of the Accademia and highlights of Florence. We found him very knowledgeable. He never lacked for commentary and never consulted any notes. We will use him again and will recommend him to anyone who asks.


I visited Florence this summer with my extended family and was looking for a competent guide. I was lucky enough to find Duccio. He organized for us a spectacular 3-days visit. He took care of our reservations and did not require advance payment. We hired him for three hours a day but he did not mind to show us around other sites when the time was over. He gave us time to take pictures but, honestly, we were so captured by all that he had to say, that we took very few breaks. When I saw his curriculum on the web I expected a good service but his knowledge exceeded my expectations by far. He is very organized, efficient and friendly. Let him know about your background/knowledge of history and he will adjust his explanations so that you don't miss anything. We could not be happier. I'd say: look no further, you have just found one of the best guides in Florence!

Cameron T

My friend and I arrived at the Uffizi Gallery and were offered a tour which we accepted, and we could not have been more fortunate to have Duccio. Duccio is incredibly well versed and knowledgeable about all aspects of the gallery. His English was great (even if he doesn't think so). I would highly recommend booking with Duccio if you plan to visit the gallery, you will not be disappointed.

Fons C

We are in Florence and on Thursday had a very informative and educational tour of the Accademia Galley where the famous Statue of David resides. The tour company is called Guide Florence Tour and the guide was Duccio Tiracorrendo who was extremely knowledgable, polite and patient. I'd highly recommend Duccio. Cheers Fons (Australia)